On a cool morning in July, I had my new puppy, Tuco, in my lap. He was no more than a couple months old and we were taking him on his first overnight fishing trip. Unlike most roads in New Mexico, this one was not straight. Around each bend were tall trees and river valleys. I smiled at Nick and I hugged Tuco a little closer as we came around another turn. An adobe town sat perched on a cliff, overlooking a valley below. An enormous mural was painted on the wall of this small adobe town and a sign read, Welcome to Las Truchas, New Mexico. It was old and beautiful. A few minutes down the road, we found a small creek and we fished all day for little browns on dry flies. 

My Name is Maddie and I love a lot of things, people and places. I spend most of the year on a river, guiding others, and fishing with my partner and best friend, Nick. During the off season, we try to travel as much as we can in pursuit of summer and brown trout. We are from Denver and this is home. I have a strong appreciation for animals, the natural world and for beautiful, handmade things. Las Truchas Outfitters is a curated collection of things that I have found beautiful. The artists behind all of these items are inspiring. I hope you can find appreciation for these beautiful things and incorporate some of them into your life or into the life of your loved ones.